Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cup-O-Coffee Pt 1

Something I've always found intriguing are players who play most of their careers with one team, but at some point did actually suit up for another (of several others) for a small amount of games.  This is more of a common occurrence in our present NHL (thank you NHLPA... NOT!).  Anyway, my first example is Black Hawk (or is it Blackhawk?) Tony Esposito.  In his early years he was property of the Montreal Canadiens.  The Habs actually loaned him to the Vancouver Canucks of the WHL for the 1967-68 season.  He then played in the Canadiens minor system the next season until injuries to Rogie Vachon and Gump Worsley forced the youngster into the big leagues for 13 regular season games.  He also was dressed as the back up during the playoffs and thus had his name on the Stanley Cup for the Canadiens '68 win.  He was left unprotected at the beginning of the next season and was picked up on waivers by the 'Hawks.  The rest is history.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Favourite Jerseys Pt 2

 The Seattle Metropolitans played in the PCHA from 1915-24.  They won the Stanley Cup in 1917 and were also involved in two other Cup Finals, one of them being the '19 Finals which were cancelled due to the Spanish Flu with the series tied 2-2-1.  Anyhoo, I saw this jersey at the Hockey Hall of Fame this past April and thought it was cool.  The 'logo'' kinda sucks, but the colours and the stripes are sweet vintage.  A true hockey 'sweater', as opposed to a jersey.  

Useless Trivia Pt 2

Gretzky's rookie season, 1979-80 saw many statistical races go down to the wire.  The most watched of course was the battle for the Art Ross in which Marcel Dionne edged the Great One nodding him out in the most goals tie-breaker, 53-51.  But aside from total points,  who had the most goals in the league??  Not Bossy (51).  Not Lafleur (50).  Nine players in fact had 50+, and in the end it was a three way tie.  Danny Gare, Charlie Simmer and Blaine Stoughton all had 56 to lead the league.  Born in Terace Bay, ON (a few miles down the road from my hometown), Simmer would have had the outright lead should he have played more than 64 games.  More odd trivia....   he played 65 games the next season and again hit exactly 56 goals!

Useless Trivia Pt 1

At the start of the 77-78 WHA season, the Cincinnati Stingers' Robbie Ftorek and Claude Larose both were intent on wearing jersey #8.  So intent in fact they begged the Stingers to attempt the unthinkable.   And it happened...   Cincinnati received permission from the WHA head office to have both players actually wear the same number during the season.  'Hey ref, #8 on the assist!'

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Admirals Pt 1

The Admirals was a mens hockey team I played for a few years back.  We won our division the first year I played in 00-01.  Ever since I joined the team I have loved the logo and jersey.  They are the exact ones used by the Milwaukee Admirals (of the then IHL) from 1982-97 (I will bring up the Admirals current state of horror in a future post).  Anyway, I can't get enough of everything from that era of Admirals.  I've even named my business 'Admiral Finishing Ltd'.  Yikes!

Favourite Jerseys Pt 1

Alrighty....   my first post on my first blog.  I've decided to make some categories to make things a little easier for me.  This one is obviously going to be about jerseys.  I came across this gem as I was trying to find something for a new team I'll be playing on.  I've kinda liked the colour green lately, as most teams are either using either black, blue or red.  Not a lot of green anymore.  I don't really like the darks, but this shade from the Greensboro Generals jersey is perfect.  The bonus number on the front is great and I like the fact the majority of the sweater is one colour.  The lace up fronts don't hurt either.  For those curious, The Generals originally played in the Eastern Hockey League, and later in the Southern Hockey League.  I regret I haven't researched quite enough, but this jersey is from sometime between 1959 and 1977.