Monday, June 8, 2009

Favourite Jerseys Pt 3

The Nordiques home white jersey could very well be my personal fave of all time.  I LOVED the Nords while I grew during the 80s up in northern Ontario.  They had some OK playoff runs including trips to the Conference Finals in '82 and '85, and some SERIOUS series with their rival Canadiens (how can anyone not forget the infamous 'Vendredi Saint' brawl in the '84 playoffs). 

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Admirals Pt 2

This entry pays tribute to to a good friend and team mate.  Geoff K played with me for the Admirals in the early 00s (is that how the first part of the century is written??).  Anyway, we played hockey...   a while ago...  on the Admirals.  Geoff was (and is) a pretty decent and steady right winter, but in our playoff run of '02 he was a modern day John Druce (or Chris Kontos if you will).  He took our team on his back and led us (offensively at least) to the Division Championship.  Seven goals in four games, two of them game winners including a tremendous overtime winner...    SHORTHANDED!!!   He also kept us alive in a shootout with a nice deke.  Anyway, this youngster (31 at the time) had a playoff run to remember!