Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cup-O-Coffee Pt 1

Something I've always found intriguing are players who play most of their careers with one team, but at some point did actually suit up for another (of several others) for a small amount of games.  This is more of a common occurrence in our present NHL (thank you NHLPA... NOT!).  Anyway, my first example is Black Hawk (or is it Blackhawk?) Tony Esposito.  In his early years he was property of the Montreal Canadiens.  The Habs actually loaned him to the Vancouver Canucks of the WHL for the 1967-68 season.  He then played in the Canadiens minor system the next season until injuries to Rogie Vachon and Gump Worsley forced the youngster into the big leagues for 13 regular season games.  He also was dressed as the back up during the playoffs and thus had his name on the Stanley Cup for the Canadiens '68 win.  He was left unprotected at the beginning of the next season and was picked up on waivers by the 'Hawks.  The rest is history.