Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Useless Trivia Pt 2

Gretzky's rookie season, 1979-80 saw many statistical races go down to the wire.  The most watched of course was the battle for the Art Ross in which Marcel Dionne edged the Great One nodding him out in the most goals tie-breaker, 53-51.  But aside from total points,  who had the most goals in the league??  Not Bossy (51).  Not Lafleur (50).  Nine players in fact had 50+, and in the end it was a three way tie.  Danny Gare, Charlie Simmer and Blaine Stoughton all had 56 to lead the league.  Born in Terace Bay, ON (a few miles down the road from my hometown), Simmer would have had the outright lead should he have played more than 64 games.  More odd trivia....   he played 65 games the next season and again hit exactly 56 goals!

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